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    What dog food is the best?
    What's the best food for shih tzus?
    Should I give home food to my shihtzu?
    Why is my shihtzu so fussy?

    Does the above sound familiar to you? 

    We understand that your four-legged companions are not just pets; they're cherished members of your family. And when it comes to their well-being, nothing less than the best will do. So what if we told you that there's a way to make mealtime an extraordinary experience for your beloved Shih Tzu. Say goodbye to the hassle of finding the perfect dog food because we've carefully curated a selection that's tailored to satisfy even the fussiest of eaters. Allow us to introduce you to a world of culinary delights that will leave your shihtzu begging for more!

    We've handpicked the most reputable dog food brands on the market. Each of these brands has been meticulously chosen for their commitment to quality, nutrition, and the health of your Shih tzu.

    Our curated selection for dry food includes:

    Orijen: Crafted with biologically appropriate ingredients, Orijen offers a range of recipes that reflect your Shih Tzu's evolutionary diet. Packed with premium protein sources and wholesome ingredients, Orijen's formulas promote vitality and optimal health.

    Acana: Bursting with farm-fresh goodness, Acana's recipes are designed to nourish your Shih Tzu using locally sourced ingredients. With the right proportion of grain and brimming with essential nutrients, Acana supports your dog's overall well-being.

    Fabled: Elevate your Shih Tzu's dining experience with Fabled's gourmet offerings. Made with premium ingredients and infused with delectable flavors, Fabled ensures that mealtime is a delightful adventure for your pup.

    N&D: Nature and science converge in N&D's recipes, providing balanced nutrition through a blend of natural ingredients and cutting-edge research. Your Shih Tzu will thrive on N&D's carefully crafted formulas.

    Royal Canin: Backed by veterinary expertise, Royal Canin caters to the unique nutritional needs of your Shih Tzu. With breed-specific formulas, Royal Canin ensures that your dog receives tailor-made nutrition.

    Introducing the Gravy Indulgence:
    We understand that Shih Tzus can be quite discerning eaters, and variety is the spice of their life. That's why we've curated a selection of premium wet food options that are sure to tickle your pup's taste buds. Serve these along with the dry kibble and your shihtzu will relish the combination of textures and flavors. These gravy options, include:

    Little Big Paw: Bursting with flavor and nutrition,Little Big Paw is the perfect complement to dry kibble.

    Cesar: Designed to tantalize your Shih Tzu's palate, Cesar's recipes are a blend of succulent proteins and mouthwatering sauces.

    Jerhigh: Treat your Shih Tzu to a culinary adventure with Jerhigh's wet food choices.

    Royal Canin: Perfectly designed to support your Shih Tzu's health and well-being 

    So bid farewell to those longing gazes at the dinner table and watch your shih tzu thrive on a balanced and delightful diet. Your furry friend deserves nothing but the best, and with our range of premium brands, you're making the choice that truly reflects your love and dedication.

    Your pampered Shih Tzu's culinary adventure awaits—order now and embark on a journey of culinary delight!

    20 products
    Orijen Original, Dry Dog Food - For All Breeds
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    Orijen Six Fish, Dry Dog Food, All Breeds & Ages
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    Acana Grass Fed Lamb, Dry Dog Food
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    Acana Free Run Duck, Dry Dog Food - For All Breeds & Ages
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    Farmina N&D Pumpkin Chicken and Pomegranate, Dry Dog Food Adult Mini
    from ₹850
    Farmina N&D Pumpkin Lamb and Blueberry, Adult Mini Breed, Dry Dog Food
    from ₹1,080
    Royal Canin Mini Adult Dog Dry Food
    from ₹820
    Little Big Paw, Chicken, Wet Dog Food, 390 g
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    Little Big Paw, Duck, Wet Dog Food, 390 g
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    Little Big Paw, Turkey, Wet Dog Food, 390 g
    Cesar Adult Sasami pouches 70g
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    Cesar Sasami Gourmet Meal Pouches 70g
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    Cesar Sasami & Vegetable In Jelly
    Jerhigh Chicken and Vegetables in Gravy Pouch
    Jerhigh Chicken Liver Gravy Pouch, Wet Foods For Dogs
    Jerhigh Grilled Chicken Pouch, Wet Food For Dogs
    Jerhigh Roasted Duck Gravy Pouch, Wet Food For Dogs
    Royal Canin Mini Adult Wet Food Pouch 85 g