Meet The Founders

Sharan & Kapil


Our journey into this fascinating world of pets began when we brought Nutty home in 2013. With each passing day, our love for Nutty grow by leaps & bounds.

Given he is our first child, we consulted vets & searched for information on quality nutrition, training, grooming & best pet care products. On visiting pet stores in our city, we found that there weren’t too many appealing options. But whenever we traveled abroad, we’d spend hours at pet stores & those left us spoilt for choice.

So in 2019, with our love for pets, an eye for quality pet products & experiences, as well as our desire to delight like-minded pet parents; we took the plunge from our corporate careers, to pursue our passion.

Thus was born Nutty’s Den. Named after our beloved shih tzu, Nutty! He’s our inspiration and guiding force. We have an array of paw picked quality products & merchandise, most of them regularly used & approved by Nutty himself. We have something for large dogs and small, Persian cats and Indies, there’s some cool stuff for hoomans too.

At Nutty’s Den, there’s something fur everyone.
- Sharan & Kapil
Parents of Nutty (IG @shihtzunutty)

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