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    86 products
    Clicker with spiral wrist loop Trixie
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    Premium Leash, L - XL (1.00/20mm), Black, Dog Leash
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    Premium Leash, M-L (1.00/20mm), Graphite
    Trixie Anti-Slip Slow Feed Bowl for Dogs 900ml
    Trixie Assorted Mini Animals Latex
    Taupe Black/Grey
    Trixie Barney Blanket, Fleece
    Trixie Brisko Cat Litter Tray With Rim
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    Trixie Capri 2 Pet Carrier Dark Grey - 22x15x13-inch
    Trixie Capri 3 Pet Carrier Dark Grey - 24x16x15 Inches
    Trixie Cat / Puppy Elastic Collar
    Trixie Catapult with Ball Dia 5.5/50cm
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    Trixie Caterpillar Latex 26cm
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    Trixie Catnip Bubbles 120ml - Liquid Bubbles For Cats
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    Trixie Catnip Play Spray 50ml
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    Trixie Ceramic Bowl Pink 300ml, Diameter 12cm
    Trixie Ceramic Bowl Pink 800ml, Diameter 16cm
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    Trixie Ceramic Bowl Turquoise 300ml, Diameter 12cm
    Trixie Ceramic Bowl Turquoise 800ml, Diameter 16cm
    Trixie Chew Stop Eucalyptus Spray 500ml - Chew stopper spray for dogs
    Trixie Classic Collar, All Size & Colours
    from ₹185
    Trixie Classic H Harness, All Sizes & Colours
    from ₹350
    Trixie Classic Lead Fully Adjustable Leash, All Size & Colours
    from ₹325
    Trixie Coat Care Glove With Soft Wire Bristles
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    Trixie Cooling Bandana Small 20-30cm
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    Trixie Cooling Bone Natural Rubber 11cm
    Trixie Diapers for Female Dogs
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    Trixie Dog Activity Flip Board Strategy Game (Level 2)
    Trixie Dog Bar With Stainless Steel 2x2.8L/24 cms
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    Trixie Dog Dirt Pickup Bags Refill 80 Bags Black
    Trixie Dog Dirt Poop Bags Compostable Biodegradable, 4 Rolls of 10 pcs, Brown
    Trixie Dog Poop Bags with Lavender Scent, 4 Rolls of 20 Bags, Purple
    Trixie Dog Poop Bags, Lemon Scent, 4 rolls of 20 bags, Yellow
    Trixie Dog Poop Bags, Rose Scent, 4 Rolls of 20 Bags, Pink
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    Trixie Dog/Cat Deshedding Massager Rubber Brush
    Trixie Dog/Cat Grooming Glove - 1 Piece, Grooming Glove For Pets
    Trixie Dog/Cat Nail Clipper 16cm
    Trixie Dogs Socks Non-slip Grey
    from ₹250
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    Trixie Double sided Lint Glove
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    Trixie Face & Paw Scissors 9cm, Grooming Tools For Dogs